Wednesday, May 10, 2006

ookkkay, iiim a little shaky here, cause my fingers have kind of rubberized after this lasssst coma. my doccctor says i will slowly get the feeling back in my digits but that just made me cry cause what do I care about algebra now?

Hang on, you know something, he might be right. It IS getting a little easier to type. Cool.

Let me tell you, it was pretty weird waking up from a one-plus-year coma. First of all, my underwear was all baggy (I'm pretty sure it wasn't the underwear I came in with, and I'm honestly not sure if that's a good or bad thing) and there was a fairly grimy-looking tube hanging out of my privates. No cameras, please!

Anyway, I managed to dial the phone next to my bed and called my mom at what's-his-name's house, not even thinking I might have forgotten the number but obviously I didn't. When she answered and I said it was me, the poor thing passed out like Helen Hunt in Castaway. So cute.

My new doctor is single. He's from somewhere in Europe like India or Hindiland and reminds me of a what would happen if you took a young George Harrison and made him like a raisin. He has the cutest hands, with really white palms the way monkeys do. More later, cause here comes my glycerol thingee and I can't type on my stomach...

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