Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Well, I flew home to see my Mom and Dad last week and it was AWFUL. They'd finally let Krissy move into my room and she'd painted it and put up all these Animal Planet posters.

Mom asked me if I had been fitted for my 'diagram' yet and I had to tell her for about the fiftieth time, 'Yuck, no!'

Then Molly came by with her twins. The boy's head is nearly the right shape now but I think I messed up when I asked if he had a hard time sleeping on a pillow...

So of course I did run into Paul at Shakey's, with his wifey and brats. He pretended not to notice me but one of his fat little toddlers must have radar or something and waddled over and barfed right on my shoe!

His wife was very nice but I couldn't help but notice she is NEVER going to lose any of that weight.

He looked good, though, even with the glass eye.

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