Tuesday, February 17, 2004

So I get to work and guess what? Phil, the guy who changes the toner cartridges? He's left me flowers.

He's very sweet but he has the harelip and the kind of fangy eye teeth like Spike has in Buffy, but not nearly as hot as Spike is.

So we talk for awhile and then Francine (my boss-from-Hell) comes over and makes me tell her for the 80th time how to syncronize her Palm Pilot.

When I got back Phil was gone and his cubemate says he left for the day.

I wiped out all of Francine's address book, too. I hate it here.

When I got home last night I found my roommate's boyfriend alone in our apartment. Uh-oh. Not cool.

He was very nice but it was clear from the word go that he was drunk. He said she had gone out to get some cigarettes but she doesn't smoke, so I assumed they had a fight.

We made some small talk and then he started getting grabby and everything. I was tempted (does this make me terrible????) but in the end I told him firmly no, and he laughed and took off.

I stayed home and looked for Anthony, my tabby, who apparently got let out the fire escape.

I found him at one a.m., covered with Chinese food.

Okay, so I have this personal problem. I have a lump in my neck.

It's a fibroid cyst but ABC's medical plan doesn't cover it, as it's a cosmetic deal, not medical. I have to wear collars all the time and everyone always asks me if I think I'm trying to be an executive or something.

I told my roommate and she said it was gross but barely noticeable. I wonder if guys notice it?

Sometimes Anthony my tabby sucks on it and purrs. Strangely, this makes me feel good.

I wish I had a boyfriend.

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