Friday, February 27, 2004

So, guess what? I got FIRED TODAY.

Just kidding. Actually Brenda from HR came by with my W-2 'cause it had been returned as undeliverable. "You can't be homeless and work here," she said. "Ha Ha" I said. She's always hated me since the time I called in sick and couldnt' stop laughing the whole time.

So I got on the scale and guess what? Nothing. The scale didn't move. The needle didn't move a muscle, or whatever scales have. I thought maybe I was dead then I realized it wasn't a scale it was a cereal box.

So when I found the real scale I didn't get on. Why be depressed?

Last night I met a guy with a ring in his nose and it was the first time I though, OK, I could date a guy with a ring in his nose but it turned out it was a key ring and he'd just passed out on the bar. I never got his number. Sigh.

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